Empowering Women In Conversations

How to Align Your Decisions and Behaviors With Your Values

September 28, 2022 Anita Sandoval Season 1 Episode 11
Empowering Women In Conversations
How to Align Your Decisions and Behaviors With Your Values
Show Notes

                             Our values refl­ect what we find meaningful in life.

They are what you care about, deep down, and what you consider to be important. Everybody’s values are different, and they can change over time. They re­flect how we want to engage with the world, with the people around us, and with ourselves.

     In today's episode I will focus on several goals:

  •   Strategies on how to make "A Valued Based Decision."
  •   Awareness on whether your decisions are" Emotional vs. Value Based Decisions"
  •   Quick Tip to Problem Solving with Your Values

If you are still struggling on saying "NO" and quickly tend to react to saying yes often then listen to this episode to help you out: 

I will go over the common symptoms on living life with lack of values and clarity such as:

  • Inaction
  • Procrastination 
  •  Not doing enough of what matters most to you

Lack of Values and correlated behaviors describe how problems can stem from.

                     I will offer you a quick tip on:
                    Problem Solving with your Values
If you have not been able to identify what your top values are; listen to the previous episode Just click on the link below to find out:

You will be able to identify an association between different activities and your emotions with behaviors are inclusive to your Values.

    Obtaining value Based Behaviors have resulted in positive rewards such as:

  • Having positive relationships with other people that make us feel connected and valued.
  • Connecting with the present moment and being authentic within ourselves.
  • It will bring about a chance to grow and develop an increase sense of achievement within ourselves.

Want to start learning on how to make a value based decision.

Below I will give you the workbook on this episode and link to discover the steps in learning on how to begin making those important decisions based on your values.

Free Workbook to align your decisions and behaviors with your values!

Leave a Comment on what Decisions you made based on your Values.

Quote of the Day:
"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."
--Roy Disney--

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