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Overcoming the Fear of Rejection and Pain of Abandonment

November 04, 2022 Anita Sandoval Season 1 Episode 12
Empowering Women In Conversations
Overcoming the Fear of Rejection and Pain of Abandonment
Show Notes

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection and Pain of Abandonment

  • What fuels the fear of rejection and pain of abandonment?
  • What are the habits that keep the fear of rejection and abandonment present?

This episode is the first part of a series that will discuss the concepts, techniques and strategies for Fear of Rejection and the pain of abandonment that happens within human society.
The challenging part is that no one really talks about it, so I decided to incorporate this episode on the in’s and out of what encompasses the fear of rejection, pain of abandonment and on how you can begin to get out of that mindset into a healthier one of being accepted and feelings that you belong and are lovable.
 In today's episode I will focus on several goals:

  •  Awareness on how unrewarding it is to be constantly hyper vigilant toward rejection and the pain of abandonment.
  •   Several techniques in self regulating with that part of you that is hypersensitive to rejection and abandonment
  • You will be able to identify an association with your emotions & body sensations that are sensitive to rejection and abandonment.

If you are still struggling on tolerating the ability to walk into the sensation of being rejected and not take it personally, then listen to this episode to help you out: 

I will go over the common symptoms on living life with fear of rejection and pain of abandonment:

  • General anxiousness in social settings
  • Focusing only on the area that looks like rejections and filter out all the other positive messaging and examples to the contrary within the same experienced event. 

Some correlated unhelpful thoughts that stem from rejection and abandonment are: 

  • What is wrong with me?
  • What did I do wrong?

   I will offer you a quick tip on:   
Taking the Panic of the unhealthy sensations and emotions out of your body and offer something reassuring to say to yourself about this symptom that would make you feel better.
If you have not been able to identify how to set loving limits and boundaries listen to the previous episode Just click on the link below to find out:

Want to start learning on how to take the negative sensations from rejection and abandonment from your body : Below I will give you the cheat sheet on how to do just that:  Body Scan To Regulate the Nervous System

Leave a Comment on what situations trigger your fear of rejection and abandonment.
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