Empowering Women In Conversations

Overcoming the Neediness and Clinginess in Relationships

January 03, 2023 Anita Sandoval Season 2 Episode 13
Empowering Women In Conversations
Overcoming the Neediness and Clinginess in Relationships
Show Notes

 Who becomes overly needy and clingy in order to avoid abandonment?
Fear of abandonment and rejection in terms of clinginess/neediness in relationships are shown in two common ways: 

  • When you choose the most undependable person to connect with 
  • When you become so controlling in order to have your own needs met that you end up pushing the other person away. 

In this episode I will discuss the concepts, techniques and strategies for:
People who become overly needy and clingy in order to avoid abandonment
         I will discuss 5 ways on how to change fearful behaviors that sets up for more abandonment and the effects on how such behaviors creates havoc in the person's relationship.
 In today's episode I will focus on several goals:

  • The true cost of the behaviors and whether it’s a cost that might be too high
  • Awareness of the distinction between what you feel and what you do.
    You can feel needy but you can’t be demanding to your partner and expect them to tolerate your emotions of neediness and clinginess.

If you are still struggling on tolerating the ability to  appreciate your partner’s self-care 

The ability to have your partner say no sometimes, you appreciate it and celebrate your own capacity hear the no and not take it personal

Then This Episode is For you!

I will go over the common symptoms on living in a relationship with unhealthy needy and clingy behaviors such as:

  • A person will have unrealistic expectations of other people that lead to some very unhealthy dynamics on expecting them to be responsible for your emotions.

Abandonment fears expresses these fears in accusatory behaviors: 

  • Jealous fantasies, (where were you last night), what were you doing, then worry about other signs of abandonment 
  • You’re thinking of leaving me- friends, family members romantic partners 

Some questions you can ask yourself that stem from neediness and clingy behaviors 

  • In what way has being clingy and needy protected me in the short term?
  • How would you like your life to change?

How are things now and how would you like them to be?   I will offer you a quick tip on:   
5 ways to. Change fearful behavior that sets up more abandonment
If you have not been able to identify how the Fear of Abandonment and the Pain of Rejection can affect your relationships then listen to the previous episode:
How to Overcome the Pain of Abandonment and Fear of Rejection

Want to start learning on how to Overcome the Clingy and Needy Behaviors in Relationships:
 Below I will give you the cheat sheet on how to do just that: 
How to Overcome Clingy and Needy Relationships

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